The most in-demand skills aren't taught in school

So what should we parents do to give OUR kids the edge?

Yuval Noah Harari, the famous author, and historian, indicates that our kids may become the first-ever “Useless Class”

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Today our future workforce faces a future that is both prosperous – and daunting. McKinsey Global estimates 375 million jobs will be disrupted by automation. 

No matter the study, it’s generally agreed that, while automation won’t lead to wholesale elimination of jobs (like half the economy disappearing in 5 years), it will lead to automation of a large percentage (up to 60%) of tasks within jobs. 

Do you anticipate keeping the same pay and lifestyle if 60% of your role is automated over the next 36 months?  

NOW…what does this mean for our kids future?

It means that we cannot sit back and rely on the school system to provide the right coursework, guidance, and training that will ensure our kids can compete in a global marketplace where algorithms rule (and TikTok appears to be a source of truth.)

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